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That is the great thing about Hook Worlds though, there's basically 4 complete games in one. It's a breeze to hop in and out of each as you see fit, and I love just bouncing back and forth through all of them. It's my new favorite Rocketcat game, which is saying a lot considering how much I love the previous two." "When you compare "Hook Worlds" to other never-ending survival games, Rocketcat's wins in a landslide. The level variety, graphical charm and unlockable hats make this one a steal at 99 cents, especially if you've enjoyed the developers previous games." "The gameplay is still has maniacally addictive as ever, and comes at an unbeatable $0.99 price. If you’ve been looking to get into the series but haven’t tried it yet, or loved Super QuickHook’s endless modes, this is a perfect pickup." "Rocketcat games steps it up again! Action-packed and awesome!" "For just a buck, you'll get four different types of "running man" endless high-score games. The value of that purchase shouldn't be understated-- that's four quarters, each giving you a well-made high-score game." "While the hardcore crowd is definitely covered by the later stages of Hook Worlds, this game seems to be aimed squarely at the casual crowd that were left behind in the earlier titles. A definite must-grab for series fans and a seriously fun racer for casual gamers after something unique." "If you’re looking for a new endless runner to get your adrenaline pumping, Hook World is a true contender. It’s a smooth pick up and play experience, and the price is definitely right." "If you were a fan of the first two games, then you probably already have this game. If you are looking for a fun and quick casual game to pass the time, then Hook World is a great addition to your game folder." "Hook Worlds is no one-button time waster. It’s just as smart and sophisticated as its big brothers, retaining everything that made its predecessors so appetising: the rhythmic momentum, the fitting controls, and a just-one-more-go quality."
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Huge amounts of replay value, variety, and hats!
Randomly generated levels for a new game every time!
Four grappling hook games in one, all for 99 cents!

Super QuickHook
- Race/Exploration
The Follow-Up to Hook Champ

Hook Champ
- Race/Adventure
Finalist, Best iPhone Game, IGF Mobile

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