Metacritic's Highest Reviewed iPhone Game of 2010!
Casually explore Eagle Mountain, or try the random, endless Avalanche Mode.
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3 free major content patches so far!
Including new levels, Eruption Mode, new hats,
new hooks, new secrets, and more!
"Avalanche Mode could easily sell as a completely separate game by itself... It offers so much content and such high production values, it's as near-perfect as any iPhone game I've played thus far... It's a shining example of how a sequel should be done..." "Completely in love with it... Just so amazingly done... Lovely to play... 5/5!" "Many small gameplay changes have resulted in this new title feeling more streamlined and remains as utterly addictive as the first title... 5/5!" "The game's physics and grappling mechanic have been honed to near perfection... tons of upgrades... This easy grappling mechanic makes Super QuickHook a blast to play from the moment you boot it up. And, if you're anything like us, it'll be a long time before you stop... 4/4! " "The soundtrack has a very cool ethereal/new-age feel to it... Controls feel just as tight as in HookChamp, if not more so... exploratory-style gameplay... will keep you swinging for months to come... 4.5/5!" "Super QuickHook has the ideal balance with regard to gameplay... Winner of the Silver Award at 8/10" "This is a better game than its predecessor in essentially every way, while preserving all of the assets that worked before. Its very worthy of our high recommendation... A-!" "One of the best gaming experiences I have ever had on the iPhone... This is the kind of game you evangelize to all your friends to go out and buy at this very instant, as I believe you should do as well... 5/5!" "It's great fun... Even if you missed grappling through Hook Champ, be sure to give this one a look." "There are only a handful of games that offer ground breaking experience for such a little portable device. This game is one of them... is able to build on [Hook Champ's] success and at the same time, manage to make it more casually appealing."
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Metacritic's Highest Reviewed iPhone Game of 2010!

Hook Champ
- Race/Adventure
Finalist, Best iPhone Game, IGF Mobile

Hook Worlds
- Two Button/Survival
Four Hook Race Games in One

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