Rocketcat Games is a small company made up of three people. We make games with a focus on depth, experimenting with familiar mechanics, and hat fashion. You can find lots more about us [here]

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Wayward Souls - Apr 2014
Permadeath Action-Adventure
6 Characters, all with different gameplay.
Randomly generated levels for tons of replay value.
Available on iOS, Android. Coming to PC
Punch Quest - Oct 2012
Endless Runner + Fighting Game
Our first collaboration, with Madgarden.
Over 3 million downloads!
Available on iOS, Android
Mage Gauntlet - Oct 2011
Classic-Style Action RPG
Defeating Jerks, Smashing Barrels
Our first action-adventure game, with more coming soon!
Available on iOS
Hook Worlds - Dec 2010
Grappling Hook Racing + Endless Runner
Four Hook Racing games in one, designed to be a more casual entry into our Grappling Hook trilogy.
Available on iOS
Super QuickHook - Jun 2010
Grappling Hook Racing/Exploration
The Follow-Up to Hook Champ, its success let us all quit
our jobs and work on game development full time!
Available on iOS
Hook Champ - Oct 2009
Grappling Hook Racing/Platforming
Our first big game! Great reviews gave us our start,
and let our artist work full time on making graphics.
Available on iOS

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