Rocketcat Games is a small company made up of three people. We make games with a focus on depth, experimenting with familiar mechanics, and hat fashion. You can find lots more about us [here]

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Death Road to Canada - July 2016
Randomly Generated Zombie Road Trip
Throw furniture at massive hordes of slow zombies.
Teach dogs to drive cars, stand on hind legs, fire guns.
Available on Steam, iOS, and More
Wayward Souls - Apr 2014
Permadeath Action-Adventure
6 Characters, all with different gameplay.
Randomly generated levels for tons of replay value.
Available on iOS, Android, and PC
Punch Quest - Oct 2012
Endless Runner + Fighting Game
Our first collaboration, with Madgarden.
Over 3 million downloads!
Available on iOS, Android
Mage Gauntlet - Oct 2011
Classic-Style Action RPG
Defeating Jerks, Smashing Barrels
Our first action-adventure game, with more coming soon!
Available on iOS
Hook Worlds - Dec 2010
Grappling Hook Racing + Endless Runner
Four Hook Racing games in one, designed to be a more casual entry into our Grappling Hook trilogy.
Available on iOS
Super QuickHook - Jun 2010
Grappling Hook Racing/Exploration
The Follow-Up to Hook Champ, its success let us all quit
our jobs and work on game development full time!
Available on iOS, Android
Hook Champ - Oct 2009
Grappling Hook Racing/Platforming
Our first big game! Great reviews gave us our start,
and let our artist work full time on making graphics.
Available on iOS

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